About MEWtopia

Four years ago, when Ethereum was in its infancy and even Bitcoin was still fairly unknown, MyEtherWallet became one of the first client-side interfaces for the Ethereum blockchain.

The project was conceived simply, in the spirit of helping an expanding group of users, not all of them equipped with technical knowledge, have an easier interaction with the blockchain. That spirit continues to inspire MEW today.

You could say we ‘grew up’ with the Ethereum community, becoming daily witnesses to the importance of sharing experience, nurturing camaraderie, and building up a foundation of educational materials for developers and users in this new technological space.

TeamMEW has always dedicated time and resources to providing users with security tips, reminders, alerts, and explainers on social media channels like Twitter and Reddit, in our Knowledge Base, and most recently on Medium.

With increasing adoption, more crypto beginners are coming onboard every day, so we are redoubling our educational and community building efforts on our new platform – MEWtopia.

What is MEWtopia

If ‘utopia’ is an imagined place or state of things where everything is perfect, and ‘dystopia’ is an imagined state or society where everything is quite awful, we like to think that MEWtopia is a state of crypto existence where everything is MEW – user-friendly, secure, clear, inviting, and engaging.

We hope that everyone who comes to MEWtopia can feel like they finally found 'their people' in the crypto space. We will do our best to make MEWtopia a comfortable and comforting place to learn about crypto, share ideas, discover new ways of interacting with the space, and become part of a supportive community.

Why we created this site

MyEtherWallet has always been a free, open-source, client-side Ethereum interface.

We have never collected user data, never accepted venture capital investment, and never collected a fee for our services. For these reasons, traditional marketing tools like user demographics, digital advertisement, and e-mail lists have never been relevant.

This approach will not change with the arrival of MEWtopia. We won’t ask to you sign up for a newsletter, and we won’t be putting ‘native content’ where helpful and honest content should be.

Our MEW wallet interface aims to provide a blockchain interaction environment that extends beyond viewing and sending tokens. Correspondingly, MEWtopia aspires to offer readers an experience beyond the ‘Top-20 Airdrops’ clickbait and ‘Crypto 101’ articles that claim to be basic, but seem to start in the middle of a techie conversation.

Here are some examples of what we’d like to offer:

  • Truly beginner-friendly explanations of blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts
  • Actionable tips for best security practices
  • Crypto news digests
  • Opinion pieces on current crypto events
  • Guest posts by industry experts
  • Honest reviews of dApps and DeFi (decentralized finance) tools
  • Community stories and reader submissions
  • Reports on MEW development, research, and security
  • Humor, art, fiction, challenges, puzzles – and anything else that will help crypto beginners feel welcome in this new space!

How you can help MEWtopia thrive

MEWtopia, as the name suggests, is powered by MEW (MyEtherWallet).

As a company that has always embraced the values of open-source software and decentralization while avoiding VC investment and advertisement, MEW is finding other ways of staying free to use and free of distractions. User donations have been a big part of that – and you can donate to MEWtopia and MEW at the same Ethereum and Bitcoin addresses.

Most importantly, though – visit our page, read our articles, share content that you find interesting, follow MEW on Twitter to keep up with the latest posts, and write us at editor@mewtopia.com with comments, ideas, suggestions.

We dream of making MEWtopia a vibrant gathering place for the crypto community, beginners and experts alike, but we can’t do it without the support of our MEW family.

Thanks for reading, and we are looking forward to seeing you around.