How to move off of GameStop Wallet

How to move off of GameStop Wallet

How to move from GameStop wallet. Transfer your GameStop wallet into MEW with this guide!

By Kealii Naluai

3 min read

GameStop recently announced that they will be shutting down both their iOS and browser NFT wallet on November 1st, 2023. Naturally, many users are looking for a new mobile wallet worth trying.

MyEtherWallet was founded in 2015, less than a month after Ethereum mainnet went live. Since then, we haven't stopped building, we've survived every bear market, and we are still creating great new tools for interacting with the most popular blockchains! Boasting over 3 million monthly active users across our products, come see what all the hype is about!

Use this step-by-step guide for help importing your GameStop wallet into MEW, a self custodial and multichain crypto wallet!

Open up the GameStop wallet on your phone. Click on "Profile" on the bottom right of the page.

The following will appear. Click on "Backup secret phrase".

Click on "Reveal secret phrase".

Enter your current GameStop wallet password / PIN code.

You'll see your recovery phrase. Make sure not to screenshot or share these string of words!

Whoever has access to these words - otherwise known as your recovery phrase, secret phrase, or seed phrase - will have access and control over your crypto wallet!

Screenshots live on your computer and are vulnerable to being hacked, so to be safe you never want to screenshot your secret phrase.

Write down your recovery phrase somewhere safe. You'll need to refer to it in just a minute.

If you haven't yet downloaded MEW, you can do so here:

After you've written down your recovery phrase from your GameStop wallet, open MEW Wallet.

Click on "Import existing wallet".

Click on "Restore with recovery phrase".

Enter in your recovery phrase from your GameStop wallet here.

Click on "Restore".

Create a 6 digit PIN code. This will be used anytime you want to access your MEW wallet.

Type in your PIN again to confirm. Keep in mind that there is no way for us to recover your PIN if lost. Make sure you remember it!

Click on "Finish".

And you're done, congratulations! You've successfully imported your wallet from GameStop into MEW.

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