Collect Energy and NFTs in MEW Wallet

Collect Energy and NFTs in MEW Wallet

Join the MEW Universe by collecting Energy and getting free NFTs just for visiting your wallet daily.

By Marcus E

5 min read

MEW Energy is used to fuel the Energy Reactor in our mobile MEW Wallet app, which opens a portal to another dimension and allows enigmatic, friendly creatures to come through! Collect Energy daily to use in the reactor to collect all the seasonal limited-edition NFTs.

Learn more about the MEW Universe from our MEWtopia article:

*The following guide showcases the MEW Universe experience on iOS. Appearance may vary slightly on Android.

Click the ‘MEW Energy’ button located at the top right of the MEW Wallet home screen. 

This will open the MEW Energy page. You can view your MEW Energy points, collect the daily energy and get MEW Seasonal NFTs. Click ‘Collect Today’s Energy’ to claim the daily energy.

You will collect a random amount of Energy, up to 20 points. You can share a precomposed tweet on X and earn more energy. 

Click ‘Close’ will bring you back to the MEW Energy page.

You should see the timer for the next daily energy claim, ‘Double your daily Energy’, ‘Get bonus Energy’ and the ‘Share on X (Twitter)’ option.

Selecting ‘Get bonus Energy’ will show you the ways to get even more Energy points for more chances to mint NFTs! Sharing the app with a friend or topping up your wallet with at least $100 of ETH will earn you 100 Energy points! Click ‘Share the app with a friend’ to view the referral program page.

Here you can paste your promo code or share your referral code and link. For each referral, both  you and your friend will receive 100 Energy points. The more friends you invite, the more chances both of you get to mint an NFT! Click ‘X’ at the top-right to close the pop up.

Selecting ‘Double your daily Energy’ will bring you to the MEW MORE program page. MEW MORE is our membership program that lets you get more out of your crypto. Besides more Energy for MEW Universe NFTs, you get reduced commissions, handy widgets, and custom notifications! Try it free for 3 days to see if you like it! Click ‘X’ on the top-right to go back.

Scroll down to view the ‘Energy Reactor’, the seasonal limited edition NFT, a description of MEW Energy and toggle reminders for collecting MEW Energy. The ‘Energy Reactor’ is used to convert your MEW Energy to a limited edition NFT.

Select ‘Energy Reactor’ to open the ‘Energy Reactor’ page.

Here you can see which NFTs can be synthesized with the Energy reactor and convert your energy to an NFT. Select ‘What will I receive?’ to view the full list of synthesizable items.

Here you can view all the possible outcomes and chances for each outcome from Energy synthesis. Click the ‘X’ to close the window.

Select ‘Convert Energy’ to spend your Energy to start the synthesis.

You should see that the synthesis is in progress. This will take a few seconds to complete.

You should now see what you have synthesized! You can click ‘Claim NFT’ to claim now or click ‘Claim Later’ to mint the NFT later. Your synthesized NFT will remain claimable until two weeks after the end of the season.  You will have to pay for the transaction fee to mint the NFT on the Ethereum network, so make sure you have ETH in your wallet. Click ‘Claim NFT’ to start the claim process.

Click ‘Confirm and Claim’ to confirm the transaction and complete the minting process.

When you return to the MEW Energy page, you can scroll all the way down to toggle reminders to collect your Energy, redeem a promo code and to view your collection of MEW universe NFTs. Select ‘MEW universe’ under ‘My Collection’ to view all the MEW NFTs you have collected so far.

Here you can view all the limited edition NFTs you have collected in the past seasons. See if you can collect the full season and fill the display! Click ‘X’ to close the pop up.

When you return to the MEW Energy page you will see your rewards in the ‘Unclaimed rewards’ section.

Each season you can claim an exclusive NFT for a fee. View the season’s rewards and select the exclusive NFT to see more details.

Here you can view the full size NFT and claim the NFT for a fee.

Hope you enjoyed our hitchhiker's guide to the MEW Universe! Many creatures are waiting to be discovered, collect them all before the season ends! Once the season is over, they are gone forever! Download MEW Wallet and share the app with your friends to earn more Energy so you can collect more NFTs!

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