Join us in the MEW Universe

Join us in the MEW Universe

Exploring the MEW Universe NFTs and rewards on MEW wallet!

By Katya Michaels

3 min read
For the full MEW NFT experience, with many more NFTs to collect, please download the MEW wallet app.

Just over 8 years ago, MEW started out as a little piece of code floating in space, right after Ethereum’s big boom… Everything was mostly gas and dust back then. MEW was one of the few stable, reliable beacons in the fog – a bright light to guide early travelers.

As time passed, the space around MEW filled with planets and galaxies, incredible galactic storms came and went, some travelers became more experienced and desired to visit farther destinations, while others were just starting out on their journeys.

Meanwhile, MEW itself grew from a small-crew ship to a sprawling space station, complete with recon spacecraft, docking bays, and high-tech laboratories. It was in one of these labs that the mysterious Energy source was discovered.

At first, its purpose was not clear, and we watched it grow more powerful in the controlled lab environment, unsure whether it was friend or foe. 

Soon, our scientists were able to build a generator that could be fueled with the mysterious Energy, opening a portal to another dimension and allowing enigmatic, friendly creatures to come through!

While we don’t understand the creatures’ purpose or message quite yet, we’ve been giving them a warm welcome and hoping, in time, to discover their secrets. In turn, they’ve been learning about our culture and joining us in celebrating our most beloved traditions. We think this is the start of a wonderful cross-galactic collaboration!

Help us explore and understand the MEW Universe

The Energy source and the cross-dimensional portal were first discovered in the MEW wallet lab, but its force has grown quickly and has now manifested in our MEW web dock.

To help us welcome the mysterious creatures to our dimension, just click ‘Mint’ under the little space traveler that catches your eye, confirm the transactions, and the NFT will be minted to the wallet that you have connected to MEW web.

If you love them both (and how can you not!), select ‘Mint both NFTs’ as a bundle. Both NFTs are limited edition and will never be coming through the portal again!

We hope that these adorable visitors brighten your holiday spirit, but if you really want to be on the frontlines of this discovery, you have to go to the source – the MEW wallet app.

There, Energy flows in such abundance that you can collect the cross-galactic NFTs just for visiting the lab daily, sharing our scientific progress with your crew, and taking care of your daily crypto tasks.

Download MEW wallet app and get started by importing your wallet, or creating a new one. (If you’ve been connecting to MEW web with your Ledger or Trezor, please don’t import your hardware wallet phrase into MEW wallet! Create a new wallet and enjoy an alternative, mobile way to manage your crypto.)

Once your MEW wallet is created and backed up, go to the Energy lab by clicking on the Energy bubble on the top of the screen, and start collecting Energy for the holiday season NFTs. Welcome to the MEW Universe! Happy exploring!

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