Use ETH Staking Rewards with MEW Portfolio

Use ETH Staking Rewards with MEW Portfolio

Use your earned ETH to get more tokens, restake, or cash out to your bank account with MEW Portfolio.

By Katya Michaels

3 min read

Now that your staked ETH is earning you extra ETH, do something fun with the rewards

After you stake your ETH with MEW Portfolio, the rewards start accumulating right away. While it’s perfectly fine to let them collect, you can also use that extra ETH to explore other things in crypto, or sell the ETH to get some extra cash in your real-world life.

Let’s take a look at the possibilities.

On MEW Portfolio, you have two staking options – full validators with Staked, or partial no minimum staking powered by Coinbase.


If you’re staking 32 ETH or more with Staked, your validator rewards are deposited via smart contract automatically to your withdrawal address on a regular basis, in addition to MEV/transaction fee rewards distributed by Staked directly to users. (Read more about Staked rewards.)

Since your extra ETH is already on your withdrawal address in your self custody wallet, the world is your oyster. 

Looking to get a hot new token, an NFT, or use some DeFi tools to earn even more crypto returns? Access your wallet in MEW Portfolio and use our integrated swap to trade your ETH to ERC20 tokens, or even cross-chain to coins like Bitcoin, Doge, and more.

Need some real-life cash? Use our onboarding provider MoonPay to sell your ETH right from MEW Portfolio and have it deposited to your bank account.

Doubling down on ETH staking? You don’t have to wait until you have another 32 ETH to stake. Partial ETH staking powered by Coinbase lets you stake any amount, so you can put those ETH rewards right back to work.

Finally, you can always unstake and withdraw your validators. ETH staking is a great way to earn crypto rewards with minimal effort and risk, but sometimes you just need to use that ETH for other purposes. Whenever that happens, you can always come back to MEW Portfolio to unstake and withdraw your ETH – and we’ll be here for you when you’re ready to stake again!


If you’re staking your ETH through our Coinbase integration, your ETH rewards compound automatically, making it the ultimate low-maintenance staking solution. Your extra ETH is put right back into staking to earn you even more rewards over time.

What if you want to get that ETH into a wallet and use it for something fun? First, unstake your ETH using the Coinbase app in MEW Portfolio. You can unstake part or all of your total staked ETH. Request the amount of ETH you want to unstake, wait until it becomes available to claim, and then claim it to have it deposited into your wallet.

Once that’s done, you can trade your ETH for tokens and other cryptocurrencies using the integrated swap feature in MEW Portfolio, or cash out to your bank account via our partner MoonPay and enjoy your rewards to get yourself some real-world goodies. You deserve it!

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